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100,000 Visitors and Counting: CERN Science Gateway Celebrates Milestone and Inspires Future Generations of Scientists


Feb 13, 2024
Science Gateway Celebrates 100,000th Visitor Milestone

Since its opening in October 2023, CERN Science Gateway has welcomed an average of 1000 visitors per day. On Tuesday, February 6th, the center reached a significant milestone with its 100,000th visitor. Bavo Lens and Nicky Morren came from Hasselt to Geneva for a city break and said that visiting CERN was a must-do activity.

For Lens, as an engineer, it was great to see high-tech machines like the Synchrocyclotron and ATLAS. He praised the guide who was able to explain complex material in understandable language. The reception building is also beautiful and offers wonderful exhibitions that explain how particle research works clearly, even for those who are not scientifically inclined. The couple ended their visit at the restaurant, where they enjoyed the vegetarian options.

Since its opening on October 8th, CERN Science Gateway has become a popular destination for visitors of all ages. The center offers activities designed to spark interest in science and technology among young children from just five years old. The Visits service would like to express their gratitude to all active guides who have been instrumental in making this possible through their dedication and commitment to ensuring that every visitor has an inspiring experience.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this new era of outreach and education at CERN, take the first step towards becoming a guide today. The team will be there to support you every step of the way as you embark on your journey towards inspiring future generations of scientists and engineers.

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