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11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Sweeps the Nation with Sweet Business Venture

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Sheboygan’s Young Entrepreneur’s Candy Business Gaining Recognition

11-year-old Truman McNitt is a budding entrepreneur with a sweet tooth and a passion for business. His journey began when his mother bought him a cotton candy maker as a fun activity, which sparked an idea to start selling cotton candy. Today, McNitt’s business venture, Sugar Twist Trinkets, has become a statewide sensation, earning him the title of youngest finalist in the Junior Achievement Young Entrepreneur Competition.

Despite his young age, McNitt takes his business seriously and understands the responsibility that comes with being an 11-year-old entrepreneur. He is grateful for the support of his mother, Caitlin Brotz-McNitt, who plays an active role in his business venture. She provides guidance and encouragement and even allows him to sell his products at her store Olivü in downtown Sheboygan.

McNitt offers a variety of products beyond just cotton candy. He also sells toy slime and freeze-dried candy, which he finds to have a light and crispy texture thanks to the freeze-drying process. As an expert in all things candy, McNitt enjoys sampling new products and experimenting with different flavors. He finds joy in creating cotton candy and freeze-dried candy while running his business.

In addition to selling his products at Olivü, McNitt has an online presence where customers can purchase his sweet treats from anywhere in the state. His success has not only inspired him but also encouraged other young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

McNitt’s journey serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs everywhere who believe that age should never be a barrier to pursuing their passions or achieving success. With hard work, determination, and support from loved ones like Caitlin Brotz-McNitt, anything is possible!

By Samantha Nguyen

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