• Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

A Critical Look at the Candidates: Jon Stewart’s Return to ‘The Daily Show’


Feb 13, 2024
Jon Stewart Returns and Shares Candid Thoughts on Biden’s Age

Jon Stewart made a triumphant return to “The Daily Show” and immediately addressed the elephant in the room – President Joe Biden’s age. He expressed his skepticism about the praise that Biden’s allies have showered on him, but also highlighted the many ways in which Biden differs from his opponent.

Stewart took a critical look at both candidates, scrutinizing Trump’s legal troubles and numerous indictments. He pointed out that Trump regularly says things that would warrant a wellness check at his own rallies, making it clear that he is not immune to criticism himself.

Despite some similarities between the two candidates, Stewart emphasized their differences, particularly when it comes to their ages. He referenced Biden’s press-conference gaffes and TikTok videos, as well as the deeply unflattering special-counsel report that has called his memory into question.

Overall, Stewart seemed to feel that as the stakes of the election are so high, it’s important to scrutinize both candidates even more heavily. By doing so, he hopes to provide viewers with a balanced perspective on this crucial moment in American history.

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