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Airline Mixes Up Business and Economy Class Meals, Serves Dog Food to Passengers


Nov 19, 2023

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A recent menu translation on a China Eastern Airlines flight has sparked controversy among passengers. The translated menu revealed an unfortunate English error: “imported dog food with okra”. The post on Facebook attracted almost 1,000 reactions and hundreds of comments, with people speculating about the meaning of the dish.

The airline was contacted for clarification, but they have not yet responded. It is unclear whether the dish was actually intended for human consumption or if it was a mistake in translation. However, one thing is clear – passengers will be more cautious about ordering food from foreign airlines in the future.

Japan Airlines has made a permanent option for passengers to skip a meal service due to its sustainability benefits. This “ethical choice” meal-skip option was introduced in response to concerns about the environmental impact of flying. Passengers who choose this option will receive a voucher that can be used towards future flights with Japan Airlines.

In February, a business class passenger who ordered a vegan breakfast on a flight to Japan was surprised when they were served just a single banana and a pair of chopsticks. The incident was described as a “nightmare in-flight meal scenario.” While some may see it as an opportunity to try new things, others may view it as an example of poor customer service and lack of attention to dietary restrictions by airline staff.

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