• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Alberto Marenghi Takes the Reins: Family-Owned Paper Mill Leader Vies for Confindustria Presidency


Feb 13, 2024
Alberto Marenghi Announces Bid for Confindustria Leadership

In Milan, the deadline for the candidacy for the presidency of Confindustria has arrived. The first candidate to present their candidacy is Alberto Marenghi, who currently serves as vice president with the delegation for organization, development, and marketing.

Born in Mantua in 1976, Marenghi is a leader in the family-owned paper mill industry. He founded Cartiera Galliera in Padua in 2010, where he currently serves as its president and CEO. Additionally, he is also the vice president of Sumus Italia, which was founded in Milan in 2013.

Marenghi’s experience and expertise make him a strong candidate for the presidency of Confindustria. As a successful businessman and industry leader, he has demonstrated his ability to drive growth and innovation within his companies. With his passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to creating job opportunities, Marenghi is poised to lead Confindustria into a bright future.

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