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Ansira Partners Welcomes Desiree Toto as Chief Product and Technology Officer: Leading the Future of Ecosystem Marketing

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Desiree Toto named Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ansira

Ansira Partners, Inc. is a global marketing services and solutions company with proprietary channel, website, and advertising technology. Today, the company announced that Desiree Toto has joined its executive leadership team as Chief Product and Technology Officer.

Desiree Toto previously served as Senior Vice President of Product & Operations at CJ, where she led a global team focused on delivering innovative products and solutions. Her responsibilities also included overseeing technical operations to improve efficiency and productivity within the organization. Toto played a key role in transitioning CJ to a product-led culture, which laid the foundation for the successful modernization of CJ’s platform. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and studio arts from Clark University.

Paul Tibbitt, CEO of Ansira, expressed his confidence in Desiree Toto by highlighting her impressive track record. He stated that her leadership abilities and expertise are evident in her previous roles. Tibbitt believes that Toto’s contributions will enhance the product-based culture at Ansira and strengthen the company’s platform for ecosystem marketing.

Ansira is financially backed by Truelink Capital, a middle-market private equity firm based in Los Angeles. The company is committed to leveraging its proprietary technology to drive innovation and growth for both itself and its clients. With Desiree Toto joining its executive leadership team as Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ansira is poised to continue this mission of excellence in the years to come.

By Samantha Nguyen

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