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Argentina’s Scientific Community Faces Collapse Amidst Government Budget Cuts and Labor Disputes

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Argentine groups condemn the termination of scientific workers

Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, and Physics have sent a letter to President Javier Milei expressing their concerns regarding the impact of his government’s measures on Argentina’s scientific development. The letter warns that the scientific sectors in Argentina are at risk of collapse due to budget cuts and lack of investment in infrastructure.

In response to this letter, members of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development, and Innovation have come together under the motto “Reincorporation now. Everyone here is needed!” to protest against the termination of labor contracts within their organization. They are also opposing the cuts made by Milei’s government in CONICET.

The agency’s members fear that the reduction of budgets for CONICET and national universities is a significant devaluation of citizens and hinders the country’s ability to progress, innovate, and educate its population. They believe that freezing research projects and reducing the number of students could potentially lead to a collapse of a system that has taken years to build.

Milei has already laid off over 50,000 national public administration workers with an additional 70,000 contracts not set to be renewed. The agency members are calling on the government to reconsider its budget constraints and invest more in research programs to ensure that Argentina remains competitive globally.

By Samantha Nguyen

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