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Autism Diagnoses on the Rise in Israel: A Look at Jewish Community Demographics

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 2, 2024
Statistics from Israel’s Central Social Security Center reveal that 22 out of every thousand children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

The number of people diagnosed with autism in Israel has steadily increased over the past two decades, from 4.5 children per thousand among those born in 2000 to 22.2 children per thousand among those born in 2018, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. Among those diagnosed, 77% were male, and 81% were under the age of 18. Additionally, 92% of those diagnosed were Jewish.

Among Jewish individuals, a significant portion had at least one additional disability alongside their autism diagnosis, with 46% having at least one additional disability and 9% having two or more additional diagnoses. It is important to note that these figures also indicate improvements in diagnostic methods and increased awareness among parents.

In terms of specific demographics within the Jewish community, the rate of diagnosis among boys has risen significantly from 10 per thousand among those born in 2000 to 38 per thousand among those born in

By Samantha Nguyen

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