• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Bencic’s Controversial Actions and Wreath Throwing Fuel Yugo Complex Debate


Nov 19, 2023

The Croatian political party, MOST, has accused MP Sandra Benčić of disrespecting the memory of war victims by throwing a wreath into the Danube for those who died in Vukovar. According to the party, Benčić’s actions demonstrate a lack of acknowledgement for Croatia’s sacrifice and victory in the defense war and a failure to recognize the Serbs more quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, they criticized her for not having an emancipated and sovereign consciousness. The criticism extended to Ivan Penava, the mayor of Vukovar, who stated his intention to ban Benčić and SDSS from throwing a wreath into the Danube in the center of Vukovar. This sparked a response from Benčić, who argued that they have the right to honor the civilian victims of the war regardless of permission.

The tension between public figures and political parties highlights ongoing controversies and divisions related to recognition and remembrance of war victims in Croatia. These issues continue to be a source of debate and conflict within the country.

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