• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Black-Led Community Center in Minnesota Focuses on Addressing Diabetes Health Disparities


Nov 19, 2023

In an effort to combat the alarming health disparities that affect diabetes care and prevention, the Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis has launched a new initiative. Collaborating with the Hue-Man Partnership and United Healthcare, this project aims to improve access to quality healthcare for people of color and low-income individuals.

According to the American Health Association, African American adults are more than twice as likely as white adults to develop diabetes, which can lead to serious health complications and increased hospitalization rates. This concerning statistic highlights the need for targeted efforts to address these disparities and promote wellness in underserved communities.

Sabathani’s president and CEO, Scott Redd, expressed the initiative’s goal of changing these statistics by emphasizing the importance of lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise in preventing diabetes. The kickoff event included a health screening on Sabathani’s first floor, offering participants blood pressure and blood sugar tests, insurance referrals, and volunteer assistance in connecting them with additional resources.

Moving forward, Sabathani plans to expand its programming by partnering with the YMCA to offer healthy eating and physical fitness classes. Additionally, they have hired a community health navigator who will work closely with participants to provide ongoing support and engagement opportunities. As one of Minnesota’s oldest African-American nonprofits serving over 150,000 people annually, Sabathani remains committed to promoting wellness and addressing health disparities within their community.

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