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Boise Teacher Receives Grant for Interactive Whiteboard to Enhance Learning in 3rd Grade Classroom


Feb 13, 2024
Teacher from the Potlatch School District wins grant award from the Idaho Education Technology Association

At the IETA Conference, held from February 7 to 9, 2024, at the Boise Center in Boise, ID, 3rd Grade Teacher Brianna Burkgart was honored with a $1,649.00 grant from the Idaho Education Technology Association (IETA). This grant will allow Mrs. Burkgart to purchase a new interactive whiteboard for her 3rd-grade classroom.

The Potlatch School District is excited to share this news with the community. The IETA is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing student learning by promoting and supporting the use of technology in Idaho classrooms. The district is grateful for the funding provided by IETA and recognizes the impact it will have on Mrs. Burkgart and her 3rd-grade students.

Introducing this technology into the classroom will create new opportunities for instruction and increase student engagement. With an interactive whiteboard, Mrs. Burkgart can provide more engaging lessons and activities that incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, images, and animations. This will help students better understand complex concepts and make learning more enjoyable for them.

Mrs. Burkgart is thrilled about this opportunity and looks forward to incorporating the new interactive whiteboard into her teaching practices. She believes that technology can enhance student learning and is excited to see how it will impact her classroom this year. The Potlatch School District is proud of Mrs. Burkgart’s achievement and wishes her continued success in her teaching career.

Overall, this grant from IETA marks an important milestone for Potlatch School District #285 as they continue to prioritize technology integration in their classrooms to improve student outcomes.

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