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Breaking Barriers: Citizens Science Lab Partners with Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens to Boost STEAM Education and Diversity in Science

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 25, 2024
Penn Hills receives STEjsonberative education through Citizen Science Lab and YBMKQ Partnership.

An exciting new partnership has been formed between the Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens organization in Penn Hills and the Citizens Science Lab. This five-year collaboration will provide dozens of kids with STEAM education, with a focus on increasing the number of Black scientists in underserved communities. Dr. Andre Samuel, founder of the Citizens Science Lab, led an experiment to highlight the activities that the young people will participate in five days a week at the community center.

The Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens organization offers after-school programming and summer camps for kids in elementary through high school at affordable rates for families. Currently, they serve around 60 kids every day after school with science programs. Families interested in learning more about how their children can join the after-school or summer programs can visit YBMKQ for additional information.

The partnership between these two organizations is a significant step towards providing equal opportunities for Black students to pursue careers in science and technology. With only less than 5% of PhDs in biological and life sciences held by African Americans nationally, it is crucial to increase representation in these fields. Through this partnership, we are taking one step closer to creating a more diverse and inclusive scientific community.

By Samantha Nguyen

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