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Breaking News: British Business Update for November 21st


Nov 21, 2023

November 21st (Reuters) – The top stories on the business pages of British newspapers span a wide range of topics including pharmaceutical sales agreements, tax cuts, real estate developments and media industry changes.

In a major breakthrough, the UK’s pharmaceutical industry has reached an NHS branded sales agreement with the government after months of disputes and warnings that the country’s key growth sector was losing international ground. Meanwhile in finance, Bank of England governor has warned that UK interest rates will need to stay high for some time despite a sharp fall in the annual inflation rate. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has hinted at potential business tax cuts to boost economic growth, promising to reduce the tax burden “carefully and sustainably” and “over time.”

In the realm of real estate, EY is in talks to abandon its London headquarters as working from home continues to transform professional life. Additionally, the founder of Cazoo may see his shareholding in the company almost wiped out as bondholders take control. In media industry news, former Ofcom boss is acting as a secret lobbyist for RedBird IMI which is in advanced talks to take control of The Daily Telegraph. Lastly, OpenAI’s ousted CEO has stated that his top priority along with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is to ensure that OpenAI continues to thrive.

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