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Nov 21, 2023

Richard E. “Dick” Mitchell, 79, a devoted family man and longtime resident of Altoona, passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday. He was born in the city and raised by Lester and Kathryn (Estep) Mitchell. Dick’s love for model trains began at an early age, which eventually led him to open his own train store in Juniata.

Throughout his career, Dick worked as a machinist and foreman for Norfolk Southern Corp., where he spent over 30 years providing valuable service. Additionally, he was a skilled DJ Spinner for 15 years and was a proud member of the Alto Model Train Association Inc. Dick’s passion for model trains brought him together with like-minded individuals who shared his love for the hobby.

Aside from his love for model trains, Dick was also deeply devoted to his family. He is survived by Terry, his wife of 58 years, as well as their two sons, Grant and Brian, both of whom reside in Altoona. Dick’s dedication to his loved ones will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Visitation will take place from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesday, November 22nd at Mauk & Yates Funeral Home Inc., located at 719 N Fourth Ave., Altoona. Interment will follow at Alto-Reste Park. Those who wish to honor Dick’s memory are encouraged to visit maukandyates.com for more information about the service arrangements.

Richard E. “Dick” Mitchell left behind a legacy that will be cherished by those who knew him best – from his love of model trains to his unwavering dedication to family and community service work. His contributions will not be forgotten easily, but rather celebrated as they continue to inspire others today and into the future.

The funeral services are being handled by Mauk & Yates Funeral Home Inc., which has been serving families in Altoona since its founding in 1934.

In addition to serving in the U.S Navy as a Radar man during World War II, Richard E.”Dick” Mitchell worked hard throughout his career as a machinist and foreman with Norfolk Southern Corp., where he met Terry Cowher and started their life together.

Richard E.”Dick” Mitchell had two sons with Terry Cowher – Grant and Brian – both of whom grew up knowing their father’s passion for model trains.

After retiring from Norfolk Southern Corp., Richard E.”Dick” Mitchell continued working hard as an owner/operator of Dick’s Train Store in Juniata until it closed down due to health reasons.

Richard E.”Dick” Mitchell was also involved with local model train clubs for many years before passing away peacefully at home on Sunday.

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