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Breaking Stereotypes: The Success Story of Female Firearms Examiner Sara Rogers

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Celebrating Women’s Contributions in Forensic Science: Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center

Firearms Examiner Sara Rogers has taken on a role that is typically associated with men, but she has proven to be just as capable and skilled in her duties. Despite not growing up with much exposure to firearms, she now works at a center with 43 employees, where 34 of them are female.

According to Dr. Steadman, the center has a diverse workforce, and Rogers’s expertise is highly valued. As a Firearms Examiner, her primary responsibility is to analyze ammunition components to determine if they were discharged by a specific firearm. Despite not having a personal passion for firearms, Rogers approaches her job with professionalism and efficiency. She acknowledges that working with firearms is her job and she executes it to the best of her ability.

Rogers’s experience has taught her that gun enthusiasts are not always male, and she hopes to challenge stereotypes by showing that women can excel in this field just as well as men. Her work at the center has given her valuable insights into the world of firearms and she hopes to continue learning more about this fascinating area of study.

By Samantha Nguyen

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