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Ceca: Music Beyond Borders: Controversial Singer Brings Her Love to Croatia Despite Ethical Concerns”.


Feb 12, 2024
Arkana Ceca, a criminal turned singer and widow of a war criminal, refused to give up: ‘He protected Serbia…’

Ceca, born Svetlana Ražnatović in Prokuplje, Serbia, has become one of the most famous Serbian singers of all time. However, her reputation took a hit when she married war criminal Zcarongeljko Razcaronatovi Arkan, the commander of Serbian paramilitary units. Following accusations and legal issues involving crimes of genocide against Bosniaks, crimes against humanity, and grave violations of the Geneva Convention, Ceca served sentences and faced a number of challenges and controversies.

Despite these controversies, Ceca remains adored by Croats. In March 2023, there were plans for her to have a concert in Maribor. Posters were pasted around Zagreb promoting the event. However, three young people were filmed destroying the posters in Lanište and Dubrava. This caused controversy among citizens who were divided on whether it was appropriate to bring Ceca back to Croatia given her controversial past.

In response to the criticism, Ceca herself stated that she believes music transcends politics and borders. She emphasized that she is unshaken by extreme minority attacks and that her fans love her regardless of political beliefs. Despite this controversy surrounding her concert, it’s clear that Ceca remains a beloved figure in Croatia and beyond.

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