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Chaos at Serbian Football Stadium: Coaches at Odds, Kids Fighting, and Furious Parents in the Stands


Nov 21, 2023

Basketball coaches in younger categories play a vital role in the development of children, as they not only impart knowledge but also teach sportsmanship and fair play. However, their significance is sometimes undermined when some coaches and parents fail to adhere to common sense, resulting in detrimental effects on the children’s growth.

Unfortunately, this was evident during a basketball derby between Metalac and Radničko cadets, which took place as part of the Interregional Basketball League. In the first quarter, an argument between the coaches from both teams escalated to insults and resulted in their exclusion from the game. This caused chaos among the players, with some getting into fights and one player suffering a minor concussion after being punched in the head.

The matter did not stop there as the parents of the children joined in and some even fought each other. The match was eventually stopped, leading to an investigation by the police. Both clubs now face heavy penalties for their behavior during the game, which sets a terrible example for children and has severe consequences for the clubs involved.

In conclusion, it is essential that coaches and parents understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to coaching young athletes. They must prioritize sportsmanship, fair play, and common sense to promote healthy growth and development among children. Failure to do so can have serious consequences on their personal development and overall well-being.

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