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Cheese Dreams Realized: Green Dirt Farm Opens New Location in Kansas City’s Crossroads District despite Voters’ Rejection of Stadium Tax

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 4, 2024
Business remains open despite threats from stadium construction, opens day after sales tax proposal fails

Green Dirt Farm recently celebrated its grand opening in Kansas City’s Crossroads district, marking a significant milestone for the restaurant. The sale of stadiums tax was voted down by Kansas City and Jackson County voters, but this did not deter the staff at Green Dirt on Oak from expanding their business.

The new location is described as a gathering place offering locally-sourced foods, including cheeses that are made in house, which are the brand’s signature dish. Executive Chef Oskar Arévalo shared that part of the concept behind the new location was to be able to expand their cheese making capabilities.

Despite apprehensions about external factors potentially causing the new location to be demolished, Green Dirt Farm decided to move forward with its plans for expansion. Arévalo expressed his fear of putting in time, effort, and commitment only to see everything dissolve in the future. However, he acknowledged that the decision to move forward was necessary to fully commit to the restaurant’s vision.

The opening of the new location occurred on a strange juxtaposition, taking place just hours after thousands of voters had cast their ballots on the fate of the area. The outcome of these votes added an extra layer of uncertainty to the already anxious atmosphere surrounding Green Dirt Farm’s expansion plans. However, with its new location now open and operating as planned, any worries about potential demolition are now a thing of the past for this popular restaurant chain.

By Samantha Nguyen

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