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Community Groups Unveil “9 Line Up” Campaign to Boost 900 South Businesses


Nov 19, 2023

In Salt Lake City, two community groups have joined forces to launch a business awareness campaign called “9 Line Up”. The initiative aims to help businesses affected by construction on 900 South and promotes the support of local businesses. The name of the campaign is inspired by the 9-line Trail that is being built in the area, which encourages people to explore the local area.

Doug Flagler from the Central 9th Community Council spoke about how they organized a meeting with several businesses on 900 South and realized that a business awareness campaign was necessary. To achieve this goal, they teamed up with the East Liberty Park Community Organization to create “9 Line Up”.

The campaign aims to drive people to the area before the holidays and promote local businesses. Several businesses are participating in promotions and hosting events as part of the campaign. For example, Scion Cider Bar near 200 West is hosting a pop-up arts market from 12 to 5 p.m. this weekend. Rio Connelly, general manager of Scion Cider Bar, emphasized how important it is to support local businesses and keep money within the community.

Both community groups believe that supporting local businesses will benefit everyone in the community. They hope to organize more events in the future and have created an Instagram account for people to follow their progress.

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