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Cristiano Ronaldo Claimed Superiority Over Me, and I Boasted About It. Who Am I?


Nov 21, 2023

In recent years, there have been stories about a former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo who was supposedly better than him. Fabio Paim and Ronaldo reportedly played together at the beginning of their careers, and Paim claims that Ronaldo once told him that he was a better player than him.

Paim recently spoke to The Sun about his life after he and Ronaldo separated. He talked about how fame and fortune had destroyed him, but also how he ended up in prison on charges of drug dealing. In the interview, Paim repeated the story that Ronaldo had said that he would be better than him if he worked half as hard as him, and that he would be Messi’s main competitor for the Ballon d’Or.

Ronaldo himself responded to the interview, but not in the way that was expected. He commented on social media: “WTF. Who is this character?” It’s clear that Ronaldo doesn’t remember Paim. Transfermarkt reports that Paim played for more than 20 clubs in his career, with a peak value of 400,000 euros while on loan at Chelsea.

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