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Cruise Passengers Stranded on African Island: What Happened and How to Avoid It

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 2, 2024
Castaways stranded on an African island pursue a passing cruise ship

Norwegian Cruise ship passengers Jill and Jay Campbell, a couple from South Carolina, were left stranded on the African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe after their ship sailed up the west coast of Africa. The Campbells had been on a tour of the island when they found themselves without access to medications or accepted credit cards, forcing them to spend thousands of dollars on food and accommodations for themselves and six other passengers.

Despite their best efforts to rejoin their ship in Gambia, the group was unable to do so. They then tried again near the Senegalese coast in hopes of reuniting with the cruise ship. However, despite these attempts, the group remained stranded on the island.

The shipping company stated that the passengers missed the designated boarding time and failed to return to the ship in time. Despite this unfortunate situation, the company emphasized that it is always important for guests to ensure they return to their ships on time. Boarding information is communicated extensively by companies such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, making it crucial for guests like Jill and Jay Campbell to pay attention and follow instructions carefully.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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