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Decade of Waiting: The Love Story of Brigitte Macron and French President


Nov 20, 2023

In an exclusive interview with Paris Match, French First Lady Brigitte Macron revealed the reasons behind her decision to wait ten years before marrying her husband, French President Emmanuel Macron. She explained that she did not want to cause any harm to their children, who were around the same age as him at the time of their relationship.

The couple first started dating when Emmanuel was 15 and Brigitte was his drama teacher. Despite initial resistance from his parents and her concerns about age differences, they continued their relationship and eventually got married in 2007. However, their journey was not without its challenges.

In the interview, Brigitte spoke about the difficulties she faced in balancing her role as a mother with her duties as First Lady. She expressed concern for her children’s well-being and made sure to put them on the right path before marrying Emmanuel. Her decision to delay marriage until after her divorce from her ex-husband in 2006 allowed her to focus on raising her children and preparing them for adulthood.

Their relationship started when Brigitte was 40 years old and he was a student in her drama class in Amiens, France. Despite initial opposition from his parents and concerns about age differences, they continued their relationship and eventually got married.

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron have two children together, including daughter Tiphaine and son Pierre-Nicolas. They are now adults and have followed in their parents’ footsteps by pursuing careers in politics and public service. The Macrons have been married since 2007, with Emmanuel serving as President of France since 2017.

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