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Digital Technology Education Urged for Effective Legal Defense


Nov 19, 2023

Justice B.V.L.N. Chakravarthy, a High Court Judge, recently spoke about the importance of digital technology for legal aid defense counsels. This comes as electronic evidence has become crucial in cyber offenses. Justice Chakravarthy participated in a State-wide orientation programme for Legal Aid Defense Counsels (LADC), which was organized by the AP State Legal Services Authority (APSLSA) and the National Legal Services Authority (NLSA) on a Sunday.

During the event, Justice Chakravarthy emphasized the significance of defense counsels and urged them to familiarize themselves with the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 and the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000. He noted that many advocates lack expertise in electronic records and stressed the need for a thorough understanding of digital technology, given the essential role of electronic evidence in all types of crimes.

The program also featured discussions on the ‘Significance and objectives of LADC Scheme’, ‘Art of Cross Examination’, and ‘Professional Ethics’ by APSLSA Member Secretary M. Babitha, A.P. Judicial Academy Director A. Hari Haranadha Sarma, and senior advocates Sunkara Rajendra Prasad, U.S.R. Raju, and M. Venkateswara Rao.

Justice Chakravarthy highlighted that digital technology has transformed legal proceedings by providing new ways to collect and analyze evidence, communicate with clients, and present arguments in courtrooms.

He added that it is imperative for defense counsels to keep up with these technological advancements to provide effective representation to their clients.

The judge encouraged LADC members to embrace digital technology by using tools such as data analytics software, video conferencing platforms, and cloud storage solutions.

Overall, Justice Chakravarthy’s message underscores the importance of staying informed about new developments in digital technology to remain competitive in today’s legal landscape.

In conclusion, justice chakravarthy emphasized that electronic evidence has become crucial in cyber offenses while participating in a state-wide orientation programme for legal aid defense counsels(LADC). The program featured discussions on various aspects including ‘Significance and objectives of LADC Scheme’, ‘Art of Cross Examination’, ‘Professional Ethics’ among others by experts from APSLSA

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