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Doha 2023 Swimming Championships: New Zealand’s Erika Fairweather Wins Women’s 400m Freestyle Gold


Feb 12, 2024
Results of the 2024 World Swimming Championships

The 2023 World Swimming Championships in Doha have come to a close, and the final results are in. In the Women’s 400m Freestyle event, Erika Fairweather from New Zealand claimed the gold with a time of 3:59.44. Li Bingjie from China secured the silver with a time of 4:01.62, while Isabel Gose from Germany took home the bronze with a time of 4:02.39. Maria Fernanda Costa and Gabrielle Roncatto from Brazil finished in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Moving on to the Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, the Netherlands secured the gold with a time of 3:36.61, followed closely by Australia with the silver at 3:36.93, and Canada with the bronze at 3:37.95.

In terms of men’s events, Kim Woo-Min from South Korea won the Men’s 400m Freestyle event with a time of 3:42.71, while Elijah Winnington from Australia took home the silver at 3:42.86. Lukas Martens from Germany finished third with a time of 3:42.96.

In addition to these top performers, several other countries also finished in the top eight spots in various events during this year’s championships.

In terms of men’s races, China clinched gold in both the Men’s 1500m Freestyle Relay and Men’s Synchronized Free Team Final events.

Meanwhile Italy claimed victory in both Men’s Breaststroke events – as well as two relay races – while Hungary won gold medals in four separate individual races and three relay races.

Greece also had some impressive showings during this year’s championships, winning two individual races and one relay race.

Overall, this year’s championship was filled with excitement and high levels of competition among athletes representing different countries around the world.

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