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Electrifying the Future: Gunnar Dackevall’s Vision for Saab and Finland’s Role in Sustainable Transportation


Feb 13, 2024
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Finland is set to host a major electric car event, organized by Gunnar Dackevall, founder of the E-Car Expo. The event, which aims to be Europe’s largest electric car showcase, will take place in Helsinki and will feature a range of electric cars from various brands.

Dackevall has a vision for the future of electric cars in Finland and believes that the country could help electrify the classic Saab brand. He presented his vision to HS and estimated that the Finns could play a crucial role in saving the iconic brand. Dackevall believes that building electric cars en masse in Finland would be very Scandinavian and would contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the region.

In recent years, Nevs, which was founded on the ruins of Saab, announced plans to go into “hibernation” and leave Saab’s Trollhättan factory. However, Dackevall thinks that Uusellakaupunki would have better opportunities for manufacturing electric cars than Trollhättan. Valmet Automotive’s car factory in Uusikaupunki is currently operating at full capacity and has retired two small electric car brands.

Dackevall believes that building an “electric Saab” at Valmet Automotive’s factory in Uusikaupunki would be a decisive factor in promoting the spread of electric cars in Finland and beyond. He encourages Finland to follow Denmark’s lead when it comes to promoting electric vehicles due to its lack of hills and short distances.

During his fair in Gothenburg last December, Dackevall showcased Emily’s prototype on display alongside other electric cars on show. While there are currently no concrete plans for manufacturing in Finland, negotiations are underway regarding which cars will be seen at Dackevall’s event in Helsinki. The possibility of showcasing an electric Saab is still open, although there has been no formal announcement regarding manufacturing the Emily GT yet.

Overall, Dackevall’s vision for electrifying passenger car traffic through mass production of electric cars is an exciting prospect for Finland and could help reduce carbon emissions while promoting sustainable transportation options.

In conclusion, Finland is set to host a major electric car event organized by Gunnar Dackevall who has a vision for Finns helping save classic brand such as Saab by building them en masse according to his plan for electrification of passenger car traffic. The E-Car Expo proclaim itself as Europe’s largest Electric Car Event with Valmet Automotive’s factory operating at full capacity with retired two small Electric Car brands that could be utilized for this purpose.

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