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EU Assures Increased Military Support for Ukraine in Response to Russia’s Aggression; Diverse Conversations Reflect Wide Range of Interests and Communities Online

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Borrell promises Kuleba increased military support from the EU for Ukraine

On Wednesday, Josep Borrell, the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the EU, met with Dimitro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in Brussels. During their meeting, Borrell assured Kuleba that the EU will increase its military support for Ukraine in response to Russia’s aggression. They also discussed the recent attacks on Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure and reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to providing ammunition and financial support through the €5 billion Ukraine Assistance Fund.

Borrell emphasized the importance of finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine and invited Kuleba to attend the next Foreign Affairs Council in April to discuss Ukraine’s needs and coordinate EU support. Additionally, Ukraine was invited to co-host the EU-Ukraine Defense Industrial Forum in May.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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