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Exploring the Past of the Chicago Cubs: An In-Depth Investigation by Fox Sports


Nov 19, 2023

Here’s a fresh take on the article:

Last weekend, I received an email from BCB reader PACubsfan1, who sent me a photo of Wrigley Field during a game that was televised by Fox Sports. The photo reminded me of a Cubs fan who had emailed me before to request assistance in finding information about a specific Cubs player wearing No. 3 at Wrigley Field. So, I decided to take a closer look at the photo and see if I could find any clues.

At first glance, it appeared that the game was being played by two teams with different uniforms and numbering fonts. However, upon closer inspection, I noticed that there was one team that wore gray uniforms with numbers similar to those in the photo: the Red Sox. This narrowed down my search to one team.

I then searched for any past games between the Cubs and Red Sox where a Cubs player wearing No. 3 played first base and started at least one game at Wrigley Field. After some research, I found out that Jeff Baker wore No. 3 for the Cubs in 2012 and started 20 games for them at first base. Baker was acquired from the Rockies in 2009 and is considered a forgettable Cub who did not make much of an impact on the team during his time there.

Furthermore, looking at the photo again, I realized that there were also some other clues that helped me identify which specific game Baker played in against Boston in 2012. For example, zooming in on the pitcher’s uniform number showed me that it was Jeff Samardzija, who started this game against Boston on Saturday, June 16th of that year. Additionally, examining the batter’s position and lighting helped me determine that it was David Ortiz hitting for Boston during this particular plate appearance (Ortiz had four plate appearances in total during this game). Specifically, based on these details and video footage available online (which you can watch here), I believe this was Ortiz’ second plate appearance of the game where he led off the top of the fourth inning with a double hit against Samardzija (who gave up four earned runs in this game). Unfortunately for the Cubs, they lost this matchup with Boston by a final score of 4-3 despite having opportunities to come back later in extra innings or even late into regular playtime as Ortiz doubled but no more homerun came after him leaving third base empty .

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