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Families Swap and Share: Shanghai Library’s World Book Day Fair Celebrates Incredible Reading

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 21, 2024
Amazing science books available at book swap event

A father and son visited the book swap fair held by local students at the Shanghai Library East Branch. The fair was organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum in honor of World Book and Copyright Day, which is celebrated on April 23. Students from various schools participated in the fair, including Luwen Second Center Primary School, the Future Academy of Science and Technology, Shanghai Shangde Experimental School, and more. They exchanged books and showcased models of rockets, spaceships, and other items related to China’s space achievements that they had made by hand.

The fair is part of the museum’s new reading campaign called “Incredible Reading.” From April 16 to 22, five prominent figures, including the museum’s director Ni Minjing, physicist Chu Junhao, neurosurgical expert Feng Junfeng, Pudong’s sci-fi association director Gu Bei, and physics teacher Xia Zhendong, shared their views on science books through videos. Ni recommended George Gamow’s classic book “One, Two, Three … Infinity,” where the renowned nuclear physicist makes the world of science accessible to general readers.

By Samantha Nguyen

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