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Family Business Magazine Recognizes Nelson-Jameson President as a Promising CEO to Watch


Nov 21, 2023

Nelson-Jameson, a leading food processing distributor, has announced that its president, Mike Rindy, has been recognized as a CEO to Watch, Class of 2023 by Family Business Magazine. The annual award honors family and non-family chief executives who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and positioned their businesses for future generations.

Rindy joined Nelson-Jameson in 2020 and has successfully navigated the company through the challenges of the pandemic and supply chain disruptions while expanding into new cities and markets. Under his leadership, the company has upheld its long-standing commitment to ethical operations that respect people, the community, and the environment.

The company was founded over 75 years ago as a family business, and Rindy’s leadership has further enhanced its values and legacy. He is praised by Adam Nelson, a fourth-generation owner of Nelson-Jameson and current chairman of the company. Nelson commended Rindy’s ability to inspire employees, show empathy and compassion, empower others, inject new energy and ideas into the company while remaining true to its family business values.

Rindy expressed his gratitude for the recognition from Family Business Magazine. He emphasized that this award highlights not only his personal achievement but also aligns with Nelson-Jameson’s core values of leadership for future generations. He will be featured in the November/December 2023 print and online editions of the magazine.

In conclusion, Mike Rindy’s recognition as a CEO to Watch by Family Business Magazine is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills in navigating challenges while positioning businesses for future generations. His contributions at Nelson-Jameson have been instrumental in enhancing its values and legacy as a family business while remaining true to its commitment to ethical operations that respect people, community, and environment.

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