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Former Italian lover brutally murdered on German motorway, suspect captured


Nov 19, 2023

In Germany, the manhunt for a murderer who escaped from Venice, Italy has finally come to an end. The 22-year-old ex-boyfriend of a young student, Giulia C., was arrested near Leipzig a week after she disappeared. Giulia and her ex-boyfriend, Filippo T., had been in a relationship for a year and a half until they separated in the summer. However, they continued to stay in touch.

The young woman arranged to meet her ex-boyfriend on a Saturday evening at a shopping center near her home in Vigonovo, but she never returned home. Witnesses reported seeing the couple arguing in a parking lot near their parents’ house. The investigators were able to trace their movements through Filippo’s car, which was later captured in South Tyrol. The car was also captured by a traffic camera in Carinthia, Austria.

A video surfaced showing Filippo brutally attacking Giulia in a parking lot in an industrial area in Fossò. After the attack, he dragged her body into his car. Traces of blood and a tape containing hair were discovered in the parking lot. Giulia was still missing until her body was discovered in Lake Barcis, approximately 150 kilometers from her parents’ house. She had been thrown from the side of the road down a cliff and had been killed by stabbing.

The Italian police issued an international arrest warrant for Filippo and suspected he was heading towards Germany. The warrant proved to be correct as Filippo was arrested in Germany and is currently in custody. He is expected to be transferred to Italy in the next few days according to Italian media.

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