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From Etsy to High-End: How Cap’s Artistry Thrived Amid Challenges and Setbacks

BySamantha Nguyen

May 20, 2024
Local Woodworking Business Started by Hartland Graduate

In July 2023, Heartland graduate Cody Powers made the bold decision to leave his job at a high-end cabinet shop and focus on growing Cap’s Artistry full-time. Powers, who has always had a love for woodworking and the outdoors, started his business on Etsy creating furniture and home décor pieces that showcase his artistic abilities.

Initially, Powers began with small home décor items but has since expanded his offerings to include larger products such as coffee tables, dining tables, and buffet units. Each piece is handmade, which means it can take up to three weeks for Cap’s Artistry to process and complete an order.

One of the distinguishing features of Cap’s Artistry is the dedication to creating custom pieces that are completely unique. Powers takes pride in the value he adds to each custom creation and aims to provide customers with a personalized experience. Along with offering CAD simulations for visualizing custom pieces in clients’ homes, Cap’s Artistry uses wood sourced locally from Southeast Michigan.

Looking towards the future, Powers envisions expanding his business beyond his garage workshop. With plans to build a dedicated shop on his property and hire additional help, he hopes to continue growing Cap’s Artistry in the years to come. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Powers remains committed to learning and improving his craft as he works towards achieving his business goals.

For more information about Cap’s Artistry, visit their website at capsartistry.com. Ari Hickman is a talented sophomore at Brighton High School and a contributor to The Livingston Daily

By Samantha Nguyen

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