• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

From Harvard to D.E. Shaw: Lawrence Summers Shares Insights on Global Poverty Reduction, Inflation, Inequality Policies and More in Exclusive Interview


Feb 11, 2024
Challenges in Today’s Economy: A Discussion on Econofact Chats

Lawrence Summers, a renowned economist and Harvard University Professor, discusses the multifaceted challenges facing the world today in an exclusive interview. With his extensive experience in government and significant impact on economics through his research, Larry dives into topics such as global poverty reduction, inflation, inequality policies, and the role of economists in shaping policy.

Throughout his career, Larry has held several high-level positions, including serving as Director of the National Economic Council and Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton. He has also been Chief Economist at the World Bank and President of Harvard University before joining D.E. Shaw as Managing Partner.

The conversation is comprehensive and provides valuable insights into current events and potential strategies for addressing the complex challenges that the world faces today.

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