• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Grand Forks Public Health Opens New Medical Sharps Disposal Site


Nov 20, 2023

The Grand Forks community now has a new option for safely disposing of medical sharps, including needles. These items are classified as hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of in regular trash.

The latest drop-off location is at the Grand Forks Withdrawal Management Center on 207 S. 4th St. This initiative will help reduce the risk of bloodborne pathogens and provide a safer way to dispose of sharps. The opioid response coordinator for Grand Forks Public Health, Michael Dulitz, stated that this program will make a significant difference in the community’s health and safety.

Sharps must be placed in a sturdy plastic container for drop-off, which can be purchased at Inspire Pharmacy around the block from the facility for less than $3. Containers in quart or gallon sizes are accepted at any time during the day or night, while larger quantities can be given to withdrawal management center staff between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. It’s important to note that commercial entities are not allowed to drop off their sharps at this location.

This new drop-off facility replaces the Altru Hospital drop-off, which is currently closed due to construction. The program is supported by Grand Forks Public Health, Altru, Inspire Pharmacy, and Spectra Health. This initiative is an essential step towards preventing improper disposal of sharps in regular trash and ensuring a safer environment for everyone in the Grand Forks area.

In conclusion, this new initiative provides an accessible and safe way for community members to dispose of their sharps properly without exposing themselves or others to potential health risks associated with improper disposal methods. By reducing the risk of bloodborne pathogens and promoting responsible waste management practices, this program contributes significantly to maintaining a healthy and safe environment in Grand Forks.

The opioid response coordinator for Grand Forks Public Health emphasized that this program will make a significant impact on public health by reducing the risk of hepatitis C and other bloodborne diseases caused by improperly discarded sharps.

Overall, this new drop-off facility is an important step towards creating a safer community by minimizing hazards associated with improperly disposed-of medical waste like sharps.

Community members are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient location whenever they need to dispose of their sharps responsibly, contributing significantly to public health initiatives aimed at ensuring everyone’s wellbeing in Grand Forks area.

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