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Healing Properties of Chicken Soup: A Chinese Study Examines the Effects on Immune System Damage in Mice


Feb 12, 2024
The healing power of chicken soup

A recent study conducted in China in 2022 examined the impact of chicken soup on the immune system of mice with immune system damage. The research found that chicken broth from different chicken breeds improved the activity of the thymus gland, enhanced the structure of the spleen, and slowed down the movement of inflammatory cells.

The study included multiple parameters such as cytokine levels, which can cause unpleasant symptoms in viral diseases. While it’s still unclear how chicken soup achieves these effects, it appears to have a positive impact on overall health.

When preparing chicken soup for optimal health benefits, it’s recommended to remove any visible fat from the chicken before boiling. To do this, rinse the chicken clean with water and then cover it immediately with a pot filled with enough water to cover it completely. After boiling for around 30 minutes, remove any visible fat and discard it. Once cooked, add vegetables such as carrots and celery at the end of cooking and let them cook for five minutes before serving. Finally, sprinkle some parsley on top for added flavor and nutrients.

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In conclusion, while there is limited research on the effect of chicken soup on the immune system, this study provides promising results that suggest its consumption can have a positive impact on overall health benefits when prepared correctly.

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