• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

HNS Announces New Ticket Availability for Croatia-Armenia Flights


Nov 19, 2023

Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb, Croatia is preparing for an electrifying last round of qualification for the European Championship. On Tuesday, Croatia will face off against Armenia in what promises to be a thrilling match.

The stakes are high as victory will secure Croatia’s spot in Germany and cement their place in the Euros. Fans from both the East and West stands have already sold out, leaving only the southern stand available. However, with a lot of interest from fans wanting to witness Luka Modrić’s potential final game at Maksimir Stadium where he has made history as one of the best midfielders in football, it is important to act quickly if you want to secure a ticket.

HNS has repurposed the southern stand originally intended for visiting fans due to lack of interest from Armenians. The sellout crowds on both sides and HNS announcement of great news for fans who haven’t managed to grab a ticket yet have added even more excitement to this already charged atmosphere.

Luka Modrić and his teammates are determined to play their hearts out on home soil and make it into the Euros before what could be their final game at Maksimir stadium. With such an emotional charge in the air, it’s going to be a night that no one will soon forget.

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