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imminent snowfall and subzero temperatures prompt travel advisory for one region


Nov 20, 2023

The west coast of Istria and Kvarner and Kvarnerić is currently under an orange warning, while the Karlovac, Gospić, Rijeka, Knin, Split and Dubrovnik regions, as well as northern, central and southern Dalmatia are under a yellow warning. This means that there is a high level of danger to health and potentially life-threatening situations, particularly for seafarers and coastal infrastructure.

Tomorrow’s weather alarms in Croatia are primarily due to wind and rain. The strongest gusts of wind are expected to reach 35-70 knots (65-130 km/h) as southerly winds turn to strong and very strong, possibly stormy gales in some areas.

In Great Britain, meteorologists are predicting a sudden cold snap with a “snow bomb” expected in just a few days. This will bring significantly colder conditions and the first snow flurries of the winter. Heavy winter showers are also possible in the north of the country at the end of next week.

Tuesday’s forecast for Croatia includes mostly cloudy weather with rain and showers in some places on the Adriatic coast. There is also a possibility of sleet and snow in the highest mountains. Rain is expected to stop in the west and north in the afternoon, with partial clearing also possible. Weak to moderate winds are forecast, with some strong northeasterly gusts. On the Adriatic, moderate to strong southerly and southwesterly winds are expected followed by bora wind in northern part while temperatures will range from 5 to 10 °C in interior areas between 12 to 17 °C on Adriatic sea.

The public is advised to avoid traveling or staying near threatened coastal areas and pay attention to follow latest weather reports for their safety purposes.

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