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In Jordan, Thousands Protest Against Israeli Aggression; Discussions Online Focus on Slot Gaming and Social Issues

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Police in Jordan make arrests during third day of anti-Israel protests

Anti-Israeli demonstrations have been taking place in Jordan for the third consecutive evening near the Israeli Embassy. Thousands of protesters attempted to approach the embassy on Tuesday, March 26, but were pushed back by police and gendarmerie. The demonstrators are calling on the Jordanian government to take concrete actions to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They are demanding the cancellation of all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty, gas agreement, and restrictions on land delivery of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan.

According to reports from Jordanian media, police are detaining individuals who are violating public order. An anti-Israeli demonstration is also taking place in Aqaba, where portraits of Yahya Sinouar and Hamas flags can be seen. Amidst these protests, various online platforms are sharing information and resources related to social issues and digital services.

Discussions range from the importance of refurbished laptops in the gambling industry to tips for successful online slot gaming. Despite political tensions and public protests, individuals are engaging in a wide range of online activities to stay informed and connected.

In recent years, anti-Israeli sentiments have been growing across Jordan as tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate. Protests have become more frequent and more intense as people voice their concerns about Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

The demand for action by demonstrators has been echoed by many in Jordan who believe that Israel’s actions violate international law. The country’s leaders have yet to respond directly to these demands but have condemned any act of violence or aggression towards Palestinians.

As protests continue to rage on in Jordan, it remains uncertain how long this trend will last or what its ultimate impact will be on regional stability. However, one thing is clear: people across the region are becoming increasingly vocal in their opposition to Israeli actions against Palestinians.

By Samantha Nguyen

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