• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Israel Announces Increased Strikes in Gaza, Encourages Civilian Evacuation to the South


Nov 19, 2023

Gaza has been under attack from Hamas for two weeks, leading to retaliatory air strikes from Israel. This violence has prompted protests in support of Palestine in several countries, including the UK, Italy, and Kenya. In London, Dominic Casciani reported on the large crowd that gathered to demonstrate against the ongoing conflict.

Despite international pressure, only twenty trucks of humanitarian aid have been allowed through the Rafah border crossing from Egypt into Gaza. The United Nations (UN) has stated that this is just a small fraction of what is needed to address the crisis in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israel estimates that 210 hostages are being held by Hamas in Gaza, though some have been released.

In an effort to resolve the conflict, Egypt hosted a summit with representatives from various countries. However, key players such as Israel, Iran, and the US were not present at the meeting. According to Hamas-run health ministry officials, thousands of people have died in Gaza due to the violence. On the other hand, Israel’s military has also sustained casualties and reported deaths from Hamas attacks in Israel.

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