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Israel Lags Behind in Hospital Beds per Thousand People, But Plans to Improve Healthcare System

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Alarming Report on Israel’s Health System Ranking at the Bottom of OECD Countries

Israel falls short in terms of hospital beds per thousand people, with a rate of 2.1 in general wards, compared to the average of 2.4 in developed countries. The country ranks fourth from the bottom in this category, with South Korea leading the list with 7.3 beds per thousand inhabitants and Germany following closely behind with 5.8 beds per thousand people. Other countries such as Lithuania, Austria, Belgium, and Slovakia also have higher rates of hospital beds per thousand people than Israel.

In terms of psychiatric hospitalization beds, Israel has only 0.3 beds per thousand inhabitants, which is below the OECD average of 0.5. Similarly, Israel has only 0.3 rehabilitation beds per thousand people, which is also below the OECD average of 0.5.

To improve its healthcare system and provide better quality medical care, Israel plans to add approximately 1,790 additional hospital beds in the next five years. This will bring the total number of general hospital beds in Israel to around 17,500. Additionally, new rehabilitation centers are expected to open in Jerusalem and the north along with an additional 300 rehabilitation beds.

The Ministry of Health is also working on increasing the number of medical students and specialist doctors across all fields and regions in the country to enhance its health system and increase accessibility to medical care for its citizens.

Minister Uriel Bosso stated that “Israel is going through a complex period but efforts are being made to improve our healthcare system.” Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov emphasized that adding more hospital beds was necessary for improving medical services and increasing the number of medical personnel to address future challenges.

Overall, Israel’s goal is to improve its healthcare system by increasing accessibility to medical care and addressing future challenges while enhancing its health services for its citizens.

By Samantha Nguyen

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