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Italian Prime Minister Meloni: The Power of Fiscal Responsibility in Propelling Italy’s Global Ascension


Feb 13, 2024
Italy’s Growing Influence on the Global Stage” – Melons “we are making progress

In a recent interview with Tg5, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni expressed her satisfaction with Italy’s increasing role on the global stage. She attributed this centrality to the return of prosperity for Italian families and businesses.

Reflecting on the achievements of her government, Meloni shared her contentment with the progress made so far. She highlighted the choice to focus limited resources on supporting families and businesses during a challenging economic period. This approach has resulted in record employment rates, stable contracts, and increased disposable income for families.

Meloni also addressed complex dossiers such as Ilva and Stellantis, stating that her government is working diligently to tackle these issues and make decisions that benefit the economic system. She emphasized the importance of continuing to govern effectively and making choices that support the production of wealth and jobs.

The Prime Minister’s confidence in her government’s stability was evident as she discussed the opposition and unity within the majority. She emphasized the value of differing perspectives within the majority, highlighting how they bring strength to decision-making processes.

In a global context where Italy plays a significant role at G7 level and faces international crises such as those in Africa or Asia, Meloni underscored Italy’s responsibility as a nation that approaches history with seriousness and addresses global challenges with a sense of responsibility. She emphasized Italy’s role in finding lasting solutions to issues like conflict in Middle East by defending Israel’s right to exist while demanding respect for civilian population.

Overall, Meloni spoke confidently about her government’s progress so far, expressing optimism about what lies ahead for Italy both domestically and internationally.

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