• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Joe Biden and King Abdullahin Negotiate for a Six-Week Ceasefire in Gaza Strip, but Netanyahu Plans Ground Attack on Rafah, Raising Concerns about Escalation and Displacement of Innocent People.


Feb 13, 2024
Biden aims to negotiate a minimum six-week ceasefire in Gaza

The United States president Joe Biden is currently in negotiations with the King of Jordan, Abdullahin, at the White House to achieve a ceasefire lasting at least six weeks in the Gaza Strip. During this ceasefire, hostages will be released to bring an end to the conflict.

According to Biden, it is crucial that civilians in the town of Rafah, located near the Egyptian border, are protected. This region is home to up to one million Palestinians and must be kept safe from any potential harm.

In response to these efforts, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered Israel’s armed forces to prepare for a ground attack on Rafah. This move has raised concerns about the potential escalation of violence and further displacement of innocent people.

Biden’s call for a ceasefire comes as tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate, leading to increased violence and displacement of Palestinian families. The international community is closely watching these developments and calling for an immediate end to the conflict.

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