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Journeying Across the Globe: Chinese Women Discover the Hidden Gems of Luka Modrić’s Homeland


Nov 21, 2023

In Zaton Obrovački, at the foot of Velebit, lies the birthplace of Luka Modrić. Although it is now a ruin after being set on fire by a Serbian aggressor during the war, it has become a popular tourist destination. Recently, a travel agency owner in Zadar received an unusual request from Azerbaijan to visit Luka Modrić’s birthplace.

Three Chinese women who came to Croatia to watch Modrić and the “fiery” against Armenia decided to visit his birthplace, thinking it would be a museum or something similar. However, they were met with an empty ruin instead. Teo Kanjer, owner of the travel agency “Dalma Travel,” told Slobodna Dalmacija that he was afraid they wouldn’t explore much due to the mines in the area.

Despite this, Kanjer saw the enthusiasm of the young Chinese women and decided to take them through Stanovi Stadium where Luka started his football journey. There they encountered a padlock and had to paint their way through bars. Interestingly, one of them recognized a place from Modrić’s biography – the old parking lot near the former hotel “Iž” where Luka spent his exile days as a boy in Zadar.

Overall, despite being disappointed by not finding a museum or other attraction at Luka Modrić’s birthplace, these three Chinese women were still excited about their experience and shared their knowledge with others about Modrić’s history in Croatia.

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