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Lewis and Clark Community College Announces New IT Job Openings


Nov 19, 2023

Lewis and Clark Community College recently approved three new IT roles that are set to bring much-needed skill sets to the IT team and help relieve pressure from other positions. These additions were recommended based on the findings of a recent IT and Data Assessment report, which identified areas where the college’s IT team needed support.

The new positions include a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Network Technician. The Business Analyst will serve as the primary liaison between the business operations of the college and information technology (IT). They will be responsible for analyzing business processes, identifying areas for improvement, and making recommendations for improving business processes. They will also develop technology training materials to support current and future business needs.

The addition of a Data Analyst is aimed at expanding data-driven decisions at the college. This position will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the institution’s data architecture and data governance, which makes data-driven decisions possible and sustainable.

Lastly, a Network Technician position is being added to address the need for dedicated network and system support. Currently, there is only one position for this critical function, which is not adequate to support over 100 servers and a 5,000+ device network while also supporting the implementation of new business technology systems. Having only one network and support position creates a gap when that person is out of the office. These additions aim to address these needs and enhance the college’s IT capabilities.

It is important to note that currently, L&C President Ken Trzaksa stated that these positions are essential in bringing much-needed skills sets to the IT team. Additionally, having more than one network technician position will enable better planning and strategizing of advancements in L&C’s usage of data and technology by reducing dependency on one person who handles both planning

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