• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

L&T Technology Partners with NVIDIA to Launch AI Breakthrough, Stock Prices Surge


Nov 20, 2023

At 11.40 am on the BSE, LTTS shares saw a 1.10% increase following the announcement of a collaboration with NVIDIA to introduce a Gen AI and advanced software-defined architecture for medical imaging in endoscopy. The joint development by LTTS and NVIDIA aims to create a scalable platform for the medical sector, offering features such as image processing pipeline, noise reduction, edge and contrast enhancement, and texture and color improvement.

This software-defined architecture is designed to enhance visualization for image processing and AI-based decision-making support, particularly in polyp detection and classification. Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA, expressed that the collaboration offers value to the medical technology industry by expediting the development of AI-enabled, software-defined medical devices.

The partnership between LTTS and NVIDIA will bring together their expertise in hardware design and software development to create innovative solutions for the medical imaging industry. This collaboration will also help accelerate the adoption of AI technologies in healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with powerful tools to improve patient outcomes.

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