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Make Every Day Special: Remind Your Partner and Bask in the Love


Nov 19, 2023

Every year since 1999, International Men’s Day has been celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of male health and promote gender equality. The initiative originated in Trinidad and Tobago and aims to highlight the positive contributions of men in society. Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a professor of history from Trinidad and Tobago, established the day to commemorate his father’s birthday.

In addition to promoting health, the day also seeks to improve gender relations by drawing attention to the social problems faced by men around the world. Statistics show that men die on average four years earlier than women and that they are more exposed to the risk of suicide and work-related deaths. High suicide rates and a higher number of deaths from injuries or violence compared to women are some of the social issues that men face globally.

However, there are some positive aspects of being a man that we should not overlook. For example, men have thicker facial hair roots, which provide excellent support for skin tissue and result in fewer wrinkles compared to women. Additionally, facial hair protects them from wind and cold, contributing to their smoother skin. The Movember movement has also been encouraging men to take care of their health through various promotional activities in recent years.

On this International Men’s Day, let us pay attention to the social issues and difficulties that men face while also showing gratitude for their contributions to society. Dear women, take this opportunity to show appreciation for the men in your life and congratulate them on their day!

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