• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Missouri Ski Resort Prepares for Increased Business Activity


Nov 20, 2023

As winter approaches, ski season is almost upon us and Missouri is gearing up for the excitement. Several ski resorts are located near Kansas City and St. Louis, including Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Wildwood. The general manager of the resort, Tony Santora, has been preparing the resort for the upcoming season since summer.

Santora explained that they make all the snow that skiers use and it takes about four days of continuous snowmaking for them to make enough snow to open. The snowmaking process depends on a wet bulb temperature to determine when they are able to make snow. As they prepare to open for the season, the staff is being brought on and beginners can also take advantage of lessons offered at the resort.

The winter season is an exciting time for ski enthusiasts, and resorts like Hidden Valley are gearing up for the start of ski season with skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, and lessons for beginners. With so much to enjoy at these Missouri ski resorts, anticipation is building as these resorts make final preparations for the winter season.

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