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Modrić Bids Farewell to European Championship as Croatia Celebrates 9.25 Million Euro Victory


Nov 21, 2023

The European Championship is within reach for Croatia as they prepare to face off against Armenia in their final match. If Croatia emerges victorious, they will earn a place in the tournament, making it their seventh consecutive trip to a major competition.

Coach Zlatko Dalić has the opportunity to make history by becoming the first coach to lead Croatia to a major competition four times. A win for Croatia would be highly anticipated and anything less would be a disappointment for fans.

The starting lineup for Croatia will remain the same as in their previous match, with Livaković, Stanišić, Šutalo, Erlić, and Gvardiol in defense, Modrić and Brozović in midfield, and Majer, Kramarić, Ivanušec forming the attacking trio. However, there are concerns about minor injuries to some players.

UEFA has promised the Croatian Football Association 9.25 million euros if they qualify for the European Championship in Germany. Coach Dalić understands that this match is crucial and is taking it seriously. Luka Modrić may play his 172nd and possibly final match for the national team against Armenia.

If Croatia defeats Armenia, Luka will have a chance to give his fans a memorable send-off at the European Championship in Germany. But first, he must overcome this challenge from Armenia.

In conclusion, this “D-Day” marks an important moment for the Croatian national football team as they strive to secure their place in the European Championship in Germany against Armenia.

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