• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Netanyahu Reveals Israel’s Readiness for Ground Invasion of Gaza, Yet Timing Remains Unclear


Nov 19, 2023

During a prime time television address, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has indicated that preparations for a ground invasion of Gaza are ongoing. He stated that the timing of the operation had been unanimously agreed upon by the government and the chief of staff of the military, dismissing reports of divisions between the two on how to proceed.

Netanyahu urged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to relocate south and outlined the government’s objectives of politically and militarily destroying Hamas and securing the return of hostages. Despite facing criticism for his perceived lack of decisiveness and absence from events related to the 7 October incident, Netanyahu assured that the state would support those who lost their homes and expressed hope that the kibbutzim would recover.

While Netanyahu did not provide any hints about the timing of a potential ground invasion during his address, he did emphasize that all parties involved will address questions regarding the events of October 7th once the war is over, including himself. The prime minister’s statement marks a significant development in Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas and raises concerns about a possible escalation of violence in Gaza.

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