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New Survey Reveals Turkey’s Economy as Society’s Top Concern


Nov 19, 2023

Ipsos, a global marketing and research expert, has released the findings of a study on economic expectations that was conducted with 29 countries in the Online Panel system in October 2023.

The research revealed that participants reported a significant decrease in household income and purchasing power. The increase in prices led to an upward trend in the proportion of those who said their household income had decreased. Turkey ranked last among the 29 countries surveyed in terms of consumer confidence, with an index of 34.5% compared to September’s 37%. The average consumer confidence index for all 29 countries is 47.2%. Inflation was also a major concern for Turkey, as it ranked fifth among the countries surveyed.

According to the research, 87% of participants identified the economy as Turkey’s most pressing issue, while only 5% cited immigration as a concern. Participants were also asked about their satisfaction with the Turkish economy. Of those surveyed, 76% reported being dissatisfied with the economy, while only 18% said they were neutral and just 3% expressed satisfaction.

The study also looked at participants’ expectations for Turkey’s economy in the future. A majority (73%) predicted that inflation would rise, while only 16% believed it would remain stable and just 11% expected it to decrease. Other questions covered household income and purchasing power. Fifty-two percent of participants reported that their household income had decreased over the past year, while only 34% said it had not changed much significantly. Seventy-six percent of participants stated that their purchasing power had declined over the past month.

Overall, these findings provide valuable insights into the economic expectations and sentiments of participants in Turkey.

Ipsos conducted its research using data from its Online Panel system with participation from 29 countries across Europe and Asia in October 2023.

According to IPSOS’s research, Türkiye ranked last among all participating countries in terms of consumer confidence with an index score of just 34.5%, compared to September’s score of

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