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Nigeria’s Battle with Binance: Tax Evasion, Crypto Adoption, and Regulatory Concerns

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Crypto has captured the hearts of Nigerians, prompting the government to launch a crackdown

In Nigeria, the government has accused two senior executives of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, of tax evasion worth $26 billion. The country is demanding that Binance pay a fine of $10 billion for the tax evasion allegations. One of the managers managed to escape arrest after reports emerged in the state.

Nigeria’s move to ban Binance has sparked controversy, as it is one of the leading countries in the adoption of digital currencies. A survey showed that every 1 in 10 Nigerian citizens owns crypto, which is similar to India and Russia. The popularity of crypto in Nigeria can be attributed to the devaluation of the naira and an attempt by citizens to preserve their capital. However, this has led to measures being taken against Binance by the Nigerian regime as they seek to stop capital from leaving the country.

The Nigerian economy struggles despite being a large country with a strong economy in Africa. The recent cancellation of fuel subsidies by new President Buhari exacerbated economic challenges and led to a drop in purchasing power among Nigerian consumers. Despite these difficulties, citizens have turned to digital currencies as an alternative due to its value preservation properties compared to an unstable naira currency. As a result, Nigeria ranks first globally in trading volume on decentralized crypto markets.

However, this rise has raised concerns among regulators that cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance establish an independent exchange rate for naira further devaluing it further. One manager remains in custody while another escaped after their arrest without charges by authorities in Nigeria last week, which has sparked fears about potential diplomatic crises with Western countries such as US and UK where Binance faces sanctions for its activities abroad.

The situation continues with Interpol issuing a global arrest warrant for one manager who escaped custody while one remains imprisoned without charges.

In conclusion, Nigeria’s stance on cryptocurrency regulation continues to raise questions about its intentions towards digital assets and its efforts towards maintaining control over capital flow within its borders.

By Samantha Nguyen

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